North Korea, Military provocations in the northwestern island of South Korea

At 14:34 on 23th of November, North Korea fired dozens of coastal guns at  a northwestern island called Yeonpyeongdo. Two Korean soldiers were dead, 18 soldiers were wounded, and even 3 civilians suffered from minor injuries

In response, South Korea also reacted by firing to North Korea in accordance with rules of engagement within the scope of legitimate

This illegally provocative actions planned and carried by North Korea violates the UN Charter, and attacked unprotected civilians in residential areas indiscriminately, This is defined as inhumane brutality.

North Korea’s provocations has been held up for the time being. The government of South Korea focuses to deter further additional aggression and to manage a stable situation for weeks in the future. South Korea warned and urged North Korea to stop provocative actions immediately.  Republic of Korean Army, Navy, and Air Force steadily maintain readiness to respond decisively through South Korea – U.S.A Cooperation in case further provoking actions occurs again.

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