Korean people are the one who made the great success of G20 Seoul summit

Korean people are the one who made the great success of G20 Seoul summit

Even though Koreans dealt with inconvenience, they welcomed foreign leaders happily. Korean goverment had successfully finished the biggest foreign event. Many foreign news reported G20 summit as a summit with korea’s peculiar passionate and hot temper.

Thanks to the Korean’s active participation, the volume of traffic has decreased over 70% and a lot of stores that were near closed in order to help the government for the success of national event.

Especially, department store near closed by itself to help the goverment. Also enterprise donated ‘design poll’ which is the eco-friendly mixed stone to the asem road.

Gangnam district office consolidated various undertakings including istall of design poll and fixing facilities.

In order to make design poll, you mix concrete and natural stone. After the special grinding and processing, it feels like a natural marble. It has an exellent durability but costs 20~30% more. However, experts say that it is much economical because it can be used 4~5 times longer than the regular product.

G20 Seoul summit with all corporation, people, and others have shown the power of korea to the world.

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