First Lady Kim Yoon-Ok to host a banquet for G20 spouses

The Presidential Committee for the G20 Seoul Summit


Press Release


Distribution date: Friday, November 11, 2010



First Lady Kim Yoon-Ok to host a banquet for G20 spouses


The First Lady Kim Yoon-Ok, the wife of President Lee Myung-Bak, hosted the spouses accompanying the G20 leaders and heads of IOs at a banquet in the Leeum Museum, located in Yongsan, on November 11 from 19:20-21:10.


The spouses dined at the Leeum while the heads of state attended the working banquet at the National Museum.


After attending the reception at the National Museum, the spouses were taken to the Leeum Museum. Met by Hong Rahee, director of the Leeum, at the museum entrance, the spouses exchanged greetings with Kim Yoon-ok in the museum lobby. Prior to the banquet, Kim Yoon-ok and G20 spouses took a commemorative photograph.


First Lady Kim Yoon-ok welcomed the spouses visiting Korea, and offered her wishes for a productive Summit. The spouses expressed their gratitude for the thoughtful consideration shown on their behalf in the preparations for the Seoul Summit.


Following the banquet, Kim Yoon-ok presented a book of Korean recipes she compiled as chairperson of the Organization for the globalization of Korean Food to each of the spouses. World famous pianist Baek Gun-Woo welcomed the spouses with a beautiful piano melody that matched the mood of late autumn. During the banquet, the spouses listened to well-known compositions from participating nations.


Western dishes were prepared for the banquet, bearing in mind the significance of the day and the harmony of the venue. The spouses were offered a choice of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, including Korean beef tenderloin, pan-seared red mullet, and organic Tofu. The First Lady personally selected the banquet menu after consulting with culinary experts and attending tastings.


The Leeum Museum was chosen both for its convenience – it is close to the National Museum where the reception was held, and for its ambience. It offered our visitors a glimpse of Korea’s past and present in a uniquely Korean – and comfortable – setting. The spouses commented on and complimented the Leeum Museum’s stunning combination of Western and Eastern beauty. In the course of the evening, the spouses enjoyed a tour of the traditional Korean art exhibited on the 2nd floor.


13 spouses attended the banquet, including Kim Yoon-ok, the first ladies of Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, India, Canada, the EU, Malawi, Ethiopia, Singapore, and Vietnam, as well as the spouses of the UN and OECD heads.


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